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Pink Aluminium Oxide

classification:Aluminium Oxide
Time:2017- 02- 26
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Pink Aluminium Oxide

       Code: PA

Pink Aluminium Oxide or Ruby Aluminium Oxide is made by aluminium oxide powder, which is electrically fused at high-temperature adding appropriate amount of chromium oxide, etc. It is pink or ruby. Its hardness is similar to White Aluminium Oxide, but its toughness is higher than that of WFA. Our PA and RA have the features of good crystallinity, pure color, less impurity, well-distributed particle size composition, low magnetic substance content, high bulk density, and high toughness. They have good reputation in domestic and overseas. The abrasive tools made by PA or RA have good durability and the workpieces have high smooth finish. It is suitable for precision grinding of the measuring tools, machine tool main spindle, instrument parts, thread workpieces and sample plate,etc.

Our PA and RA can also be used in coated abrasives. It is mainly used for sanding wood. It is also used for sanding ferrous metal, such as copper, brass, etc. Compared to White Aluminium Oxide, PA and RA are more non-breakable. So, smooth surface is easy to get. 

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