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Imerys Mount Tai

Shandong Imerys Mount Tai Co., Ltd, a highgrade abrasive grain production base in China, grows out of Mount Tai Abrasive Grains Plant of Sisha Co., Ltd., now is a joint venture between Imerys Group (65%) and Luxin.

2020    Shandong Imerys Mount Tai Co., Ltd.
2016    Shandong Luxin Mount Tai Co., Ltd.
2005    Abrasive grain plant of Shandong Luxin High-tech Industry Co., Ltd.
1995    Abrasive grain plant of SISHA Co., Ltd.
1950    Abrasive grain plant of No. 4 Grinding Wheels of China

Imerys Mount Tai brand abrasive grains have stood in its industry since 1950. With persistent effort on improving and innovating, now we have an advanced domestic system which consists of research, production and inspection. Superior to national standard Imerys Mount Tai products, featuring well-distributed particles size composition, low magnetic content, stable chemical composition and excellent physical performance, are always at the leading level in the abrasive industry of China. Reputable for complete specification and reliable quality, Imerys Mount Tai abrasive grains are well received in domestic and foreign markets. More than 60 years’ manufacturing experience along with modern production technology, the time-tested Imerys Mount Tai is honored with the Silver Medal of Quality by the nation and Reputable Product by Shandong Province.

Bearing in mind, Imerys Mount Tai will always develop new products and perfect the existing ones.